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Monkeys In The Attic

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Jackie Burroughs in Monkeys in the Attic

Here’s an unusual bit of early NEXUS history. The Internet Movie Database references John Wyre and NEXUS providing the soundtrack for a 1974 film “Monkeys in the Attic: A Film of Exploding Dreams”. The film won the  Prix Khalimer as well as Best Foreign Film at the Toulon Film Festival in  France in 1974. Written,… Read more »

Great Weekend at Bard College

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Thanks to everyone for the great turn out at the Fisher Center, Bard College, for this weekend’s revival of “The City Wears a  Slouch Hat”, John Cage’s 1942 radio play. The evening was a great success. It was called “John Cage: On & Off the Air! ” and it was designed to spotlight Cage’s fascination… Read more »

NEXUS’ score for “Inside Time”, 2007

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If you have been following our blog posts this week, here is a more recent example of NEXUS’ film work: “Inside Time” an awarding-winning film by Jason Young from the National Film Board of Canada, 2007. You can view the whole thing by clicking here, or if you choose, skip through, finding parts of the… Read more »

Listen to The Man Who Skied Down Everest

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Further to my last blog post, where I mentioned NEXUS creating the chilling score for the Oscar-winning “The Man Who Skied Down Everest”, you can hear some of it in this short trailer! Amazing visuals too! The music was entirely improvised. Robert Aitken played flute.

New Photos, PASIC and Bard College

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Thanks to Lauren Vogel Weiss for photos of NEXUS at PASIC 2012 in Austin. Check our Facebook page to see all of them (and please click that “Like” button while you are there, so that you receive updates to the page!) Ray Dillard, who conducted this revival of John Cage’s “The City Wears a Slouch… Read more »

“Just Ducky”

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Today, Drum Corps International spotlights a Guardsmen DVD and its percussion feature – NEXUS’ “Xylophonia”: “a delightful work written by Joseph Green, older brother of famed recording xylophonist George Hamilton Green. The piece had been identified in pre-season promotional materials as “Just Ducky,” due to the duck whistle sounds that were added in the “Nexus… Read more »

A Most Excellent Week!

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What a great week! NEXUS was honoured to be a part of Soundstreams’ 30th Anniversary Spectacular at Koerner Hall. It was an ear-opening concert, beautifully presented, and a fitting tribute to Lawrence Cherney and Soundstreams, and their many accomplishments. Reviewer Margaret Lam wrote: “The works were presented by some of the best musicians this country… Read more »

October 11th will be an amazing evening

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Rehearsing Mallet Quartet Oct 9

NEXUS is deep into rehearsals for their performance of Steve Reich’s Mallet Quartet at  CELEBRATE WITH SOUNDSTREAMS! 30th Anniversary Season Spectacular concert on Thursday Oct 11 at Koerner Hall here in Toronto.

NEXUS & PASIC in Austin TX November 1st

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NEXUS is preparing for their return to Austin TX on November 1st for PASIC 2012. PASIC is billed as “the biggest percussion event in the world.”  For the NEXUS performance Bill has been creating a new water gong and working on sound triggers for Cage’s The City Wears A  Slouch Hat. You can read more… Read more »

The Lost is Found: NEXUS brings lost works back to life

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NEXUS has brought many “lost works” back into the spotlight, expanding possibilities for modern percussion – everything from 1920s novelty ragtime music to silent film accompaniments to John Cage works. On  November 17th NEXUS will be a part of the  newly staged revival of John Cage’s The City Wears a Slouch Hat, written for CBS… Read more »