Ordering NEXUS CD’s & Downloads

To place an order for NEXUS CDs:

1. Review the listing of titles in the “Discography” pages

2. send an Email to NEXUS HERE with a list of the titles you want, your postal address and your email address. Please let us know if you want 1st-class postage (US$5.00 per order) or media mail (slower – about 8 days – US$2.50 per order).

Here is a list with prices of what is currently available:

A) THE BEST OF NEXUS (NEXUS #10251) Excerpts from recordings 1976 to 1989 $5.00
B) NEXUS NOW (NEXUS #10262) Works by Wyre, Cahn, Becker, Takemitsu, Engelman $5.00
C) NEXUS PLAYS MUSIC OF G.H. GREEN (NEXUS #10273) Featuring Bob Becker $9.00
D) NEXUS RAGTIME CONCERT (NEXUS #10284) Featuring Bob Becker on xylophone $9.00
E) VOICES (NEXUS #10317) 4 NEXUS concertos by NEXUS with The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra/Peter Bay $9.00
F) THERE IS A TIME (NEXUS #10328) Original music composed & played by Bob Becker $9.00
G) THE SOLO PERCUSSIONIST (NEXUS #10339) Bill Cahn’s Music / 6 great soloists $9.00
H) TOCCATA (NEXUS #10410) NEXUS live with Eric Robertson – organ $5.00
I) RUNE (NEXUS #10511) 3 works for NEXUS by award-winning Canadian Composers $9.00
J) LULLABY (NEXUS #10612) & Leigh Howard Stevens/works by Cahn, Engelman, Kondo $9.00
K) DRUMTALKER (NEXUS #10713) music by Peter Schickele, Russell Hartenberger, and four xylophone medleys arranged by and featuring Bob Becker $9.00
L) OUT OF THE BLUE (CD#10814) NEXUS with guest drumset artist, Fritz Hauser $5.00
M) WINGS (CD#10915) music of Takemitsu arranged by NEXUS
N) PERSIAN SONGS (CD#10926) music of Russell Hartenberger with Sepideh Raissadat, Vocals and Setar, “Moondog Suite” and “Persian Songs” – both arr. Hartenberger $9.00
O) THE CITY WEARS A SLOUCH HAT (CD#10937) works of John Cage: “Dance Music for Elfrid Ide”, “Credo in US”, “The City Wears a Slouch Hat” $9.00


3. NEXUS will ship your order – usually within 5 business days – along with an invoice payable in 30 days by check or bank draft to:
“William L. Cahn Publishing”
8740 Wesley Road
Bloomfield, NY 14469
Your payment should be mailed soon AFTER you receive your order.


(m4a or .wav audiofiles with album notes on .pdf files)

The Story of Percussion in the Orchestra is based on a symphonic
program, created and performed by NEXUS. The CD, narrated by PBS personality,
Bill Moyers, describes how the standard percussion instruments – timpani, bass drum,
cymbals, triangle, tambourine, snare drum and xylophone – became a part of the
modern symphony orchestra, from the late 1600s to the present day, with music by
Lully, Mozart, Beethoven, Britten, Cahn, George Hamilton Green. PRICE $9.00

Origins – The 7 tracks on the “Origins” album are unrehearsed improvisations. The music was
recorded directly from the studio floor to two track digital tape. The only musical decisions made by
the individual members of NEXUS in advance of the recording were the selections of instruments –
percussion and otherwise – from their extensive collection. Through many years of performing
together, the group’s five members developed a unique rapport, allowing them to create the world
that is a NEXUS improvisation. PRICE $5.00

Persian Songs is an arrangement of compositions by the Iranian writer and musician
Reza Ghassemi. Sepideh Raissadat, who was a student of Russell Hartenberger at the
University of Toronto, introduced Hartenberger to the music. Ghassemi permitted the songs
to be arranged for NEXUS and Sepideh. The result is the suite, Persian Songs. Moondog
Suite is a selection of six of compositions by Louis T. Hardin (aka Moondog) arranged by
Russell Hartenberger for percussion instruments. PRICE $9.00

The City Wears a Slouch Hat – Music of John Cage – NEXUS continues
to champion Cage’s music with this revival of Dance Music for Eldfrid Ide, CREDO in US,
and The City Wears a Slouch Hat, Cage’s first-ever radio play, subtitled “Incidental Music
for a Radio Play by Kenneth Patchen.” The music accompanying the radio play was
composed in 1942 for percussion ensemble and four readers on commission from CBS
Radio. PRICE $9.00

Home is a CD comprised of four original compositions: 1) Home Trilogy (2015) by
Michael Burritt, featuring the composer as marimba soloist; 2) DDT (2015) by Libby
Larsen; 3) The Crystal Cabinet (2008) by William L. Cahn, and 4) This World (2015) by
William L. Cahn featuring Katherine Ciesinski as vocal soloist. PRICE $9.00
Sculptured Sound – The First Concert is the first live concert by NEXUS –
Bob Becker, Bill Cahn, Robin Engelman, and John Wyre. It was performed on May 22,
1971 in Kilbourn Hall at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, and it
was entirely improvised on an array of world percussion instruments collected by the
members of NEXUS. PRICE $5.00

Quantum Fields – Music of Bill Cahn was performed by the composer
acoustically on a variety of percussion instruments, consisting mostly of Asian bells,
gongs, and metal tubes. The title comes from a fascination with the strangeness of the
cosmological concepts on the nature of the universe in quantum field theory, in which at
the most fundamental level, everything in the universe consists of fields which have the
potential to vibrate locally as particles. PRICE $5.00

* To order online:

1) Place order by email to: billcahn@aol.com OR by phone/text to: (585) 354-5843
2) If the download is too large to email directly, a link to DropBox will be emailed back to you
3) The DropBox link will enable you to download the digital book (pdf file)
4) an invoice payable in 10-days will be emailed to you
5) Send your check by mail to: 8740 Wesley Rd., Bloomfield, NY 14469 U.S.A.
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