“A pencil sharpener for the ears”: Fritz Hauser’s Focus and Shraffur

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We are delighted that Fritz Hauser has included a visit with NEXUS (Oct 12, University of Toronto) as part of his North American tour. He will be coming from Eastman and heading to Oberlin afterwards. Fritz brings great humour to his work with improvisation, time, space, resonance, and visuality. A recent concept that he is exploring and that will be discussed at the U of T workshop/concert is his “FOCUS”. FOCUS is a collection of notes, images, and graphics designed to intensify musical exercises, creative handling of visual information, and sensitivity training for all kinds of procedures concerning rhythm, color, and materials. As Fritz’s website says, “FOCUS can enhance the ability to concentrate, and support the mastering of combining technique, mind, and art, and is meant to supplement your personal rehearsal. It shall work as a pencil sharpener. However what we sharpen here are the ears, the eyes, and the thoughts!”  Another recent work is his “Schraffur for gong solo and percussionist children”, also part of the Toronto workshop/concert. Check out this YouTube video –  The children are so intent! Fritz is intrigued by the tiniest sounds. Here is his piece “As we are speaking”. As one of the comments on this video says, “Fritz wrote this?! He is insane!” and it is the best kind of insanity.

Join us at Walter Hall on Oct 12th at 5 p.m. for an intriguingly insane couple of hours! (P.S.: it’s free!)

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