Coming Up! Texas and New York!

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SanJac_logo_16_tagline_black_300The NEXUS members never sit still. Even a winter “respite” has taken Russell to the Sacher music archive and its Steve Reich Collection in Basel, Switzerland; Bob’s heading out on U.S. tour dates; Garry is heading to warmer climes to the south. Bill and Ray are hardier types enjoying brisk temperatures and a multitude of projects closer to home. But Spring will bring everyone migrating back for NEXUS dates – the first one being at SAN JACINTO COLLEGE in Houston for a week-long residency in March. Audio Majors will be treated to Garry’s Physics of Sound/Technology, Music Majors will study African Rhythm, Bill will create one of his Improvisational master-works with his Creative Music-Making workshop, all interspersed with rehearsals for a gala Expo Concert where NEXUS will perform Bob’s “Palta”, newly arranged for Steel Band (!); we’ll join the college’s Brass Ensemble in some Peter Schickele and Canadian Brass music specially arranged for NEXUS; the Wind Ensemble will get involved in Bill’s ragtime arrangements; the Choir will be featured in our recent (and beautiful!) arrangement of “Amazing Grace”, the Percussion Ensemble will join us in a little Reich music, and the whole shebang (emphasis on “bang”) will culminate in the Creative Music-Making “happening”. It’s going to be a very busy week for everyone!

potsdamCRANE_Logo_1955April will find NEXUS in residence at SUNY-POTSDAM, performing in their Community Performance Series in striking Hosmer Concert Hall, and working with students at the Crane. Programming is still being tweaked, but I hear there is a bit o’ Reich and a bit o’ Moondog, in celebration of both of their birthdays: 80th and 100th respectively. If you are near either venue, south or north, join us! It will be great to see you!


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