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One of my last product designs before retiring was the Singin’ in the Rain Chime. Diane and I enjoy watching older movies and the Gene Kelly / Debbie Reynolds movie, Singin’ in the Rain, is a favorite. That song is quite familiar to people of my generation and hopefully this chime will inspire other generations to check out the movie and enjoy the joyful song that was recorded by so many wonderful musicians. Besides the recognizable melody, the combination of melodic aluminum tubes and the musical texture provided by the smaller bamboo tubes creates a beautiful duet of sonorities. The small bamboo tubes remind me of the light pitter patter of rain while the melody tubes sing in the wind.

My second to last chime design before retirement was the Chimes of Crystal Silence which pays tribute to the late great composer / pianist Chick Corea. This amazing sounding chime takes its tuning from Chick’s beautiful song Crystal Silence. Diane and I had the pleasure of hearing them perform it many years ago. It was one of the most amazing concerts we have ever attended!

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