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Hi all. We hope all of you are keeping well and STAYING HOME! All of us here are doing fine.

Thank you to all of you who have continued to visit our Facebook page, and to our new Facebook followers who have come on board in the last few weeks. There have been quite a few of you, and we appreciate it!

We are keeping busy. Bill Cahn sends his wishes, and hopes you are all “snugly hunkered down, washing your hands, coughing into your elbows, disinfecting your countertops, reading your favourite book, social-distancing, and otherwise simply having a darn-tootin’ gooood time!” He has been spending his time cataloguing his library of xylophone/keyboard sheet music. Russell and Bob are at home writing. Russell had planned to be a part of Morris Palter ‘s Tocalo Tucson in June, but that is now postponed to next summer. Garry has had to temporarily shut the in-person retail part of Woodstock Chimes, but is still busy with online order shipping. Ray Dillard celebrated his birthday yesterday, and has been involved in advocating for financial aid for musicians in need due to this health crisis. He also continues to do online creative projects, the most recent being yesterday’s with our good friends in the TorQ percussion quartet performing a Takemitsu piece arranged by our founding member Robin Engelman. You can enjoy it by clicking here. Along with NEXUS, TorQ was going to be a part of this July’s Sound Symposium in St John’s, Newfoundland, and we were all going to perform together in a new piece written by Russell called “Red River”. What a disappointment that the Symposium has had to be postponed until next summer. However, there is light – Clearly 2021 is going to be a bang-up year what with Tocalo Tucson, Sound Symposium, the rescheduling of the premiere of Russell’s new piece “Eagles” with Beverley Johnston and AiyunHuang and Soundstreams “Steve Reich Live!” event, so there is a lot to look forward to. Hang in there, everyone, and stay well, stay safe.

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