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Diane, Garry, Maya, Lucca, Rob, Siena, Tasa

That’s what our 2-year-old grandson, Lucca, calls me. Lucca now has a baby sister, our second grandchild, Siena, who just came into the world. When our daughters were born back in the 1980s, everyone said, “Enjoy it while you can because they grow up so fast.” It is so true and I understand this fully now. Luckily we heeded that advice and enjoyed our children back then and still do, of course.

Some of my friends who have grandchildren told me that grandchildren are even better than your own children because you have all the joy of being with them but a minimum of the responsibilities. I understand what they are saying but I really enjoy the “chores” of feeding my grandchildren, reading to them, going for walks, putting them to bed and even changing a diaper here and there. Of course, I can come and go as needed, which is the big difference!

Congratulations to our daughter Tasa and her husband Rob for creating such beautiful children (OK, Diane and I helped a little!). My hope is that Lucca and Siena’s generation will be the one to witness world peace. Wouldn’t that be nice?
Happy Pops, Garry

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