From the Archives #11: The Percussioner 1987

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The November 1987 issue of Percussioner Audio Magazine featured NEXUS in three separate articles. The cover says:

“NEXUS On Tour: The World’s Best Drummers”

On the inside pages, it bills the article – which is written by NEXUS’ own Bill Cahn – as “a sensitive and sometimes extremely funny look at the mystique behind NEXUS and its players.” Bill has posted the full text of this article in his blog. Further on in the issue is an “Excerpt From An Improvisation” – a seminar by NEXUS.

Here are a few quotes from NEXUS members in the articles:

“Any musician who derives his music and his inspirations from a real life experience is certainly going to reach an audience.” – John Wyre

“There are very few areas of human endeavor in the world which have the power to bring people closer to understandng each other without doing harm, and I consider myself to be very lucky to work in one of them, music.” – Bill Cahn

“Allow yourself to go the ways your career leads you. It’s good for young players to be as prepared in as many different areas as possible.” – Russell Hartenberger

“When an audience can see that performers are physically and emotionally involved in the music, even though it might be music that’s new or unusual, that allows them to enter into the experience. ” – Bob Becker

You can actually get a copy of this issue of the Percussioner online by clicking here. Put the word NEXUS in the search box and you will see a preview of the material.

The magazine also contains an article on the World Drum Festival in which NEXUS was featured, billed as “the largest drum event in history”. NEXUS founding member John Wyre was the Artistic Director of this mammoth event, and Sal Ferreras of Vancouver, Canada was the Assistant Artistic Director. I recently received some slides of the event from Barry Burns, one of the stage managers for the event, and as I get them scanned, I will share some of them with you here. Watch for future postings of “From the Archives”!

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