Performing Live with MIDI (a lecture/demonstration)

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In his clinic Performing Live with MIDI, Bill Cahn takes a close look at the possibilities for musical expression offered by MIDI and, in the process, simplifies what can appear to be a very complicated subject.

The Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) was introduced in 1982 and in the past 25 years has revolutionized music. Bill’s lecture-demo is designed for musicians who are already performing on acoustic instruments but want to explore the world of electronic music. In this 90-minute clinic, Bill can tailor his presentation to any of a number of aspects of the topic depending on the interests of the participants and the desire of the workshop presenter. Here are some examples of what could be discussed and explored:

What MIDI instruments can do…and what they can’t do.

An examination of MIDI basics such as connection, commands, channels and modes.  And a helpful look at concepts regarding systems, components, interfacing, and operating systems.

Using the personal computer for electronic music.

Using dedicated components for MIDI music.

A closer look at the components used for MIDI: sound generators, controllers, processors, mixers, amplifiers, speakers, and cables.

A demonstration of the preparations required for a live performance with MIDI

A demonstration of a live performance with MIDI

If you are interested in having Bill present this lecture-demo when NEXUS is performing at your venue, drop us a line! Bill would ask that you provide the following: an amp, mixer and speakers; AC power cord and connection; an AC surge-protector; and two keyboard stands.  Once Bill has helped you become adept, a whole new world will open up and you can explore all kinds of online resources such as the MIDI Archive of patches, programs, and bibliographies, the MIDI Farm with its digital marketplace and newsletter, Yahoo!’s MIDI page that provides a useful directory, and MIDI World with its forums and links.

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