Performing Live with Midi (a lecture/demonstration)

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A lecture/demonstration aimed at musicians who are already performing on acoustic instruments and who want to have a closer look at the possibilities for musical expression offered by the MIDI revolution. Topics may include:

  • COMPUTER INSTRUMENT ENVIRONMENTS – Personal Computers, Dedicated Components, What Electronic MIDI Instruments Can Do, Limitations of Electronic MIDI Instruments
  • HELPFUL CONCEPTS – Systems and Components, Interfacing, Internal Operating Systems, Value
  • COMPONENTS – Sound Generators, Controllers, Processors, Mixers/Amplifiers, Speakers, Cables
  • MIDI BASICS – Master/Slave, MIDI Connections, MIDI Commands, MIDI Channels, MIDI Modes
  • LIVE PERFORMANCE – Phase 1 : Preparation, Phase 2 : PerformanceTime: 90 minutesRequirements: amp, mixer, & speakers; AC power cord & connection; AC surge-protector; 2 keyboard stands
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