What went into recording our new CD “Persian Songs”? Plenty!

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Persian_CD_cvr2Here is a GREAT article, for your listening pleasure! Audiophile Experts talk to our recording producer Ray Dillard and Noble Street Studio manager Donny Da Silva to discover the complexities of recording the percussion instruments of NEXUS and balancing it all with the ethereal voice of Sepideh Raissadat.

Ray Dillard says: “We used between 20 and 30 microphones in the ‘Noble’ sessions, including dynamics, condensers, ribbon and tube mics. We also used up to 14 different preamp models. All percussion instruments are individually mic’d in the recording session; microphones were placed for optimal pickup of the specific instrument they were used for.” Da Silva adds, “It’s all about the balance in the song and if you select that one microphone that really makes the voice stand out, that’s half the battle.”  Find out more, HERE: http://www.audiophileexperts.com/en/blog/2015/08/31/take-one-ray-dillard-nexus-and-donny-da-silva-noble-street-studios/

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