“Persian Songs” – the newest CD by NEXUS

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August, 2015 – I’m happy to announce the newest CD by NEXUS – “Persian Songs” (NEXUS Records #10926).

The group’s 16th CD under the “NEXUS Records” label features classical vocalist, Sepideh Raissadat, performing arrangements by NEXUS member, Russell Hartenberger.  A live performance of “Persian Songs” by NEXUS will be a featured event at the 2015 Percussive Arts Society International Convention in San Antonio, Texas from November 11 through 15.

For inquiries about purchasing this CD, or for more information about this and other CDs by NEXUS Records contact Bill Cahn (billcahn@aol.com).











NEXUS – Breaking Boundaries: a distinguished history of firsts at PASIC

1977 – Knoxville, TN –first freeform improvisation on a PASIC concert

1981 – Indianapolis, IN – compositions by NEXUS members first performed at PASIC

John Cage 3rd Construction first performed at PASIC

G.H.Green novelty ragtime music fist performed at PASIC

1982 – Dallas, TX –first performances of music by Steve Reich at PASIC

first performance of West African drumming at PASIC

1984 – Ann Arbor, MI –first performance of a concerto for percussion ensemble and orchestra


1986 – Washington DC –first North Indian classical music with percussion at PASIC

1992 – New Orleans, LA –first full novelty ragtime program with small orchestra, and

the first silent film accompaniment at PASIC

1995 – Phoenix, AZ – first performance of a symphony orch. family/education concert at PASIC

1998 – Orlando, FL –first performance of music by Gavin Bryars at PASIC

2001 – Nashville, TN – 30th anniversary of NEXUS concert at PASIC

2002 – Columbus, OH – first complete performance of “Drumming” by Steve Reich at PASIC

2004 – Nashville, TN – first performance of Fritz Hauser with NEXUS at PASIC

2008 – Austin, TX – premiere performance of “The Eternal Dance of Life” by Eric Ewazen for

wind ensemble and NEXUS

2012 – Austin, TX – first performance at PASIC of John Cage’s radio play, “The City Wears A Slouch Hat,”

2015 – San Antonio, TX – first performance of Persian music with percussion at PASIC

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