Some great photos of the Alan Abel performance!

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Becker Mudra Philly by Lauren Weiss

Bob has shared with us some great photos taken by Lauren Weiss at the Alan Abel birthday concert in Philadelphia. Below: Bob’ s piece Mudra, Russell’s piece Cadence, and Maurice Wright’s piece Octet. (And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook – We have just passed the 900 “likes” mark, with a flurry of followers from all over the world, who have joined us in the last ten days. See you there!)

Bob Becker's Mudra

Bob Becker’s Mudra

HartenbergerCadence Philly LWeiss

Russell Hartenberger’s “Cadence”

Philly Wright Octet by LWeiss
Philly Wright Octet by LWeiss 2

Maurice Wright’s “Octet”

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9 years ago

Thanks for sharing these!

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