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Thanks to all of you who enjoyed Saturday night’s concert with us! It was wonderful to see such a great audience, and we have been getting some amazing feedback. I want to share a couple of particularly special notes with you:

Edward Nixon writes: “The Vivier was the unqualified highlight for me… I don’t think I’ve ever heard a piece of music that exhibited such a powerful sense of voice. It is absolutely clear and confident; the power of its message is unequivocal. Your performance was absolutely stunning and left me with tears in my eyes. Thank you! A fantastic musical experience. I appreciated it all. Bill [Cahn]’s Night Ride was a super way to take us on out of there into the dark and wet Spring streets.”

Austin Clarkson writes:
“It was wonderful for us to listen through 40 years of memories. We reminisced about the glimpse of new horizons that caught us up at the inception of Nexus. And now, half a lifetime later, what a store of sounds and stories to enrich our memory! The Ichyanagi at the end of the first half brought us in touch with the long history of Nexus with Japanese musicians and with the current unfolding catastrophe… I hope you hear that he is safe. Bill [Cahn] continues making marvelous  contributions to the percussion repertoire. The Crystal Cabinet is a dreamlike setting of those mysterious lines of Blake–sheer magic. And Night Ride is one of those Nexus hallmarks–total exhilaration. The Vivier arrangement is a truly wonderful addition to his catalogue. What a privilege to hear those gongs! So thanks for keeping Nexus burning so strongly and creatively.
You not only warm our hearts, you keep them beating! Keep the flame burning for a long time to come!”

(To see part of Ed’s wonderful “Musicians” photography and interview project, click here.
To see Austin’s new report “My Mind a Beautiful Thing”: Imagination, Art, Creativity in Elementary Education, click here )

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