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December is a time of celebration. And NEXUS has plenty to celebrate! This month we have confirmed several new dates – (and more are under discussion, so check back for updates!) In the New Year, you will find NEXUS performing in Ontario, Canada in March. In April NEXUS will be performing the Canadian premiere of the newly-co-commissioned Steve Reich Mallet Quartet – how exciting is that!  We have also just confirmed a NEXUS Festival appearance in Minnesota in July, and the Autumn will find NEXUS in Japan. Then the group heads to New York State and to points south, and is also looking forward to performing the new Eric Ewazen commission The Eternal Dance of Life in Barrie, Canada, with the University of Toronto Wind Ensemble in March 2011. There is so much to look forward to! And although Robin is no longer able to perform with NEXUS, I hear that he’s working on some new military drumming arrangements for the New Year and has several other irons in the fire.

So yes, celebrations all around!  In our household we have the Hanukah candles burning brightly as well as the halls bedecked with holly and a shimmering Christmas tree. No doubt there are many mixed holidays in the households of our blog readers too. If you are looking for Holiday Fare from NEXUS, we can oblige!

Maybe you celebrate Kwanzaa. If so, you would be delighted with NEXUS’s African Celebration, a joyous programme with orchestra.

Perhaps you celebrate in the Japanese tradition, honouring the final day of the year with Omisoka. If so, you would enjoy the delicate arrangements that NEXUS has created of Toru Takemitsu’s songs, either recorded on the NEXUS CD Wings, or in live performance.

Perhaps it’s choral music that puts you in the holiday mood. NEXUS has choral repertoire too, that is well worth a look, and the group has enjoyed performing with a number of celebrated choirs over the years.

If “holiday” means Family, keep in mind NEXUS’ family programme From Rags to Riches. It provides a chance to hear NEXUS’ spectacular xylophone rags. It also features the fun “silent” film Teddy At the Throttle – but it can’t really be called “silent” with NEXUS providing an accompaniment of crazy music and “authentic sound effects” for this Mack Sennett comedy classic. Root for Teddy the Dog as he saves the girl tied to the railway tracks!  Or check out the NEXUS family concert called Percussion Alive, a fascinating exploration that is full of unusual music, new sounds, and exciting developments in percussion music today.

No matter what you are celebrating, may it be merry and bright!  NEXUS sends you our very best wishes for the holiday season.

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