“an exhilarating adventure”
source: Hamburg, Germany

Tragedy. “A drama typically involving a person destined to experience downfall or destruction, as through a character flaw, or conflict with some overpowering force such as fate or an unyielding society.” Hubris. “An extreme and unreasonable feeling of self-confidence.” Posthumous. “Published after the death of the author.” In May of 2001 I began work on… Read more »

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* To order online: 1) place order by email to:    billcahn@aol.com  OR by phone/text to:  (585) 354-5843     2) a link to DropBox will be emailed back to you     3) the DropBox link will enable you to download the digital book (pdf file)     4) an invoice payable in 10-days… Read more »

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In 1997-98, I conducted a series of interviews with percussionists to discuss their thoughts on rhythm. The following is an excerpt from my interview with Bob Becker that took place on February 6, 1998 while Nexus was on tour in Des Moines, IA.   Early Rhythmic Study RH      How did you develop an accurate sense… Read more »

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I’ve known from a young age that good sounds are healing, and I’ve made the study of music and sounds my life’s work. I have had a few “sound” mentors who have helped open my ears. Among them were Pauline Oliveros, John Cage, Harry Partch and Lou Harrison. Pauline taught us “Deep Listening,” whereby you… Read more »

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