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Podcasts, Playing, Prepping, Publishing: a Summer Recap

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If you’ve followed us on Facebook, you’ll know it’s been a busy and varied summer. Bill has been involved in Eastman’s Summer Horizons with young music students in his wonderful program “Creative Music Making”. We will be presenting that program at Ithaca College in early September, so stay tuned, as it will be open to… Read more »

Bob’s interview with Lindsay Haughton

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Hi Bob, Following are the questions I’d like you to answer. You may take your time – the paper isn’t due until December 11th, 2007. As a percussionist, you often play music and musical instruments from around the world. What are your thoughts on performing music that is not part of your culture? This is… Read more »

Bob’s interview with Jonathan Latta

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I really want to thank you for doing this with me. As you will see from my questioning I tried to take a perspective of the “Bob the Performer” and “Bob the Composer” and combine the two. If you find that you answer one question in a previous answer and want to omit a question… Read more »

Bill Cahn Interview by Joe Spurlock

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The following interview with Bill Cahn occurred in November 2007 at the request of Joe Spurlock, a student of percussion at Ohio State University. Q1. Very much of your music is influenced by other cultures, specifically eastern ones. How did you come about these influences and what intrigues you so about them to make them… Read more »