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NEXUS at Fifty: Part 16: 1997

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RUNE We seemed to hit some kind of perfect constellation for CD recordings in 1997. February took us to California where we performed with the Pacific Symphony Orhcestra under Carl St. Clair in preparation for recording Takemitsu’s “From me flows what you call Time…” the following days. The reviewer of the performance said, “You listen… Read more »

NEXUS at Fifty: Part 14: 1993-1994

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1993   KROUMATA AND AMADINDA IN BUDAPEST   In Spring’93 the New York Times pointed out that “Canada takes the spotlight at this year’s Budapest Spring Festival”. We were honoured to represent Canada along with the Canadian Brass, Trio Lyrika, flautist Robert Aitken, pianist Katja Cerovsek and violinists Corey Cerovsek and Erika Raum. (In ‘92, Erika had… Read more »

NEXUS at Fifty: Part 13: 1991-92

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#NEXUSat50    1991    ORIGINS   We decided to release our Direct-to-Disc LP Ragtime Concert of 1976 on CD. It would still be a recording of a live performance in every meaning of the word. We also recorded ORIGINS in 1991 and, similar to the ragtime recording, the music on ORIGINS was recorded directly from the studio floor… Read more »

EXCITING NEWS! Our new HOME album is launched!

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EXCITING NEWS! Our newest CD entitled “Home” is just released! The album takes its name from the lovely “Home Trilogy” written for NEXUS by Michael Burritt.  Michael is featured on the album as guest artist, performing in the “Home Trilogy” and also in Bill Cahn’s “The Crystal Cabinet”, and conducting our performance of Libby Larsen’s… Read more »

WINGS – Nexus Records 10915

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NEXUS – WINGS Nexus Records 10915 A Song of Circles and Triangles –Toru Takemitsu, arr. by Robin Engelman Sakura (Cherry Blossoms – Traditional) – Toru Takemitsu, arr. by Robin Engelman Just Sing – Bill Cahn