Unusual Instruments Part 4 – The Tiki Brothers Performing “Tiki Time” à la Steve Reich

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I joined Steve Reich and Musicians in 1979, touring and recording with them for nearly 40 years. Steve’s music transcends all boundaries. One unique technique Steve developed is called “phasing,” where two players begin in unison (playing the same material in the same time) and one speeds up slightly until a “canon” is formed. This was used in several of his early works, such as “Drumming” (1970-71). This technique is similar to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” a children’s “round,” where each voice starts at a different time, creating instant harmony. Steve’s phasing does much the same thing on a more intricate level, creeping into the next harmonious counterpoint.

I bought these two musical toys many years ago and was recently reminded that I had them when Tyler Doi and his family visited us and Tyler dug them out to play with them. Tyler was one of the inspirations for our Chimes for Autism, a Charitable Chime that provides support for autism research and programs with every sale. He’s fascinated by everything musical and has an exceptional acuity for music and sound, so it goes without saying that he loves the Tiki Brothers! He was featured in our video Chimes for Autism: Tyler’s Story. Check it out on our YouTube channel after you watch “Tiki Time”!

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