Percussion “makes music worth listening to”

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Reviewer John Terauds gave a great shout-out to NEXUS this weekend in his excellent review of Rob Power’s new album “Touch”:


 “There’s been an explosion (or should we call it striking growth?) in the number of fine percussionists in this country  — largely due to the influence and inspiration of Nexus, the Toronto ensemble founded in 1971.

Nexus mixed avant-garde, jazz and world music styles as it suited their purpose: to show that percussion can contain the melody and harmony that makes music worth listening to, that it can form a narrative arc, and that art music can, through the power of rhythm, engage the listener on a visceral, not just intellectual level.”

Rob Power is a professor at Memorial University in St Johns, Newfoundland. Featured on the album along with Rob are John D.S. Adams, Kyle Andrews, Bill Brennan, Erin Donovan, Kevin Coady, Evan Harte, Andrew McCarthy, Whitney Rowe, Ed Squires and Phil Yetman. You can read the full review and get more information about Rob Power’s “Touch” at the Musical Toronto website.

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