NEXUS Hits the Ground Running

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We are all back at our desks and in our studios, refreshed. The kids are back at school and that includes NEXUS! They are Ensemble In Residence at the University of Toronto. Russell is on faculty at U of T, Bill is on faculty at Eastman, and Garry and Bob have busy upcoming schedules in various schools as well. Right now, NEXUS is preparing for the exciting “Drum Boogie” Festival  in Kingston NY on September 17th (rain date September 18), and then the guys will travel to Toronto to appear with the fabulous piano duo 2 x 10 (Midori Koga and Lydia Wong). We have lots to tell you about these two events so check back here regularly for some great stuff about instruments, repertoire, new works, and fellow performers. Meanwhile we are gearing up for appearances in California, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia and Ohio, and for the first ever Percussion Rochester, an eclectic biennial music festival that happens this coming spring. We are also getting our tour of Alberta lined up. It’s good to be back in the bustle of NEXUS! Happy September!

P.S.: The “busy drummer” image above is from the “Drum and Drummer” blog of Thomas O’Neill, and fits with the “back to school” theme as Tommy started his blog as a project for an English 314 class at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks!

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