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Russell Hartenberger‘s musicality as “so solid you can always hang your hat on it.” It’s fitting, then, that Russell offers a workshop called “Rhythm and Time in Music”. Useful to non-percussionists and percussionists alike, Russell takes a historical look at Western music rhythms, then explores non-Western cultures to compare them. Intriguingly, he says the workshop also looks at “time in music” in the context of time in other disciplines!

Russell is well-suited to explorations of non-Western cultures. He has studied tabla with here. (Scroll down on the page for a playable soundbyte). The piece is recorded on the newest NEXUS CD “Wings” and reviewer Andrew Timar says, “I’m not sure how, but the composer manages to mystically merge Ghanaian with South Indian musical rhythms and melodic elements.”

Be sure to check in for future blog posts that will look at some of Russell’s other projects and workshops.

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