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Alex and Ray on a Skype callWelcome to the new NEXUS website! It’s a total revamp with information and resources for presenters, students, fans and fellow artists, and blogs for each of us so we can keep you up to the minute with NEXUS news, answer queries and provide you with some interesting peeks behind-the-scenes. Coming soon will be a new shop featuring NEXUS music.

It’s been a long time coming, and we hope you like what you see. We definitely have people to thank for making this long-held dream a reality. First and foremost The Canada Council for the Arts and their forward-looking Supplementary Funding Initiative. Then, Toronto’s Bluenotion, Inc. for taking our mass of ideas and building it into a workable and handsome concept. Thanks also to NEXUS’ Toronto business manager Ray Dillard who threw himself into the project with enthusiasm and spent untold hours climbing a steep learning curve and fitting all the NEXUS information into this sophisticated architecture.

And here’s your first behind-the-scenes peek! Most of those hours were spent on the phone via Skype with Alex Kessaris in Japan! That’s the two of them in the photo during a Skype call. Ray has never been one to shirk a techno-challenge! Thanks so much Alex for your patience and time!

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15 years ago

Cheers Peggy,

It’s a great privilege to be part of this wonderful new project!

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