ORIGINS – Nexus Records 10295

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Nexus Records 10295

Live Improvisations

This recording is a vivid reproduction of the kind of spontaneous, unrehearsed improvisation that can be experienced at a live NEXUS concert. The music on this disc was recorded directly from the studio floor to two track digital tape. Balance and mix were monitored and controlled in real time with no overdubbing or addition of electronic sounds. Editing was limited to the extraction of complete sections from the improvisations. The only musical decision made by the individual members of NEXUS in advance of the recording was the selection of musical instruments from their extensive and varied collection.

  1. Origins (8:15)
  2. Signs of the Time (11:10)
  3. Song of the Nine Iron (6:17)
  4. Perpetual Emotion
    1. The Good Humor Man Meets the Knife Sharpener (2:53)
    2. A Flash in the Pans (5:08)
  5. Arioso (2:22)
  6. Waltz Happens (6:50)
  7. Our Way (3:40)


Recorded August 27 & 28, 1991 at Masters Workshop, Rexdale, Ontario

Producer: Ray Dillard

Engineer: Mark Wright

Assistant Engineer: Ralph Chiaravalloti

Editing: Ray Dillard and Bob Becker

Mastering: George Graves, The Lacquer Channel, Toronto, Ontario

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