RAGTIME CONCERT – Nexus Records 10284

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Featuring Bob Becker, Xylophone Soloist

Bob Becker, Bill Cahn, Michael Craden, Robin Engelman, Russell Hartenberger, John Wyre

  1. Triplets (2:27) G.H. Green/Becker
  2. Cross Corners (3:54) G.H. Green/Becker
  3. The Whistler (2:05) G.H. Green/Becker
  4. Nola (3:34) F. Arndt/Green & Cahn
  5. Rainbow Ripples (2:23) G.H. Green/Becker
  6. Xylophonia (3:31) Jos. Green/Becker
  7. Dill Pickles (1:59) C. Johnson/Becker
  8. Jovial Jasper (3:12) G.H. Green/Becker
  9. The Ragtime Robin (2:24) G.H. Green/Becker
  10. Stop Time (1:44) G.H. Green/Becker
  11. Log Cabin Blues (2:30) G.H. Green/Becker


This recording is a re-release of an original Direct-To-Disc recording that was made in 1976 at the Soundstage and JAMF studios in Toronto. It is made from the high-technology tape master produced at the same time as the performance was recorded directly onto a master laquer. It is released from the tape because the original Direct-To-Disc metal is no longer available.

This recording is still a live performance in every exciting meaning of the word. The artists performed each side of the entire original album completely as they would play in a live concert, with the performance continuing uninterrupted as the master laquer was cut – an enormous challenge for the performers. NO EDITING, FIXING OR CHANGING OF THE PERFORMANCE WAS DONE.

The reason for using the Direct-To-Disc process on this recording was to improve the purity of the audio signal by eliminating all the analog tape stages. This was the state-of-the-art in recording technique in 1976, just before the advent of digital recording.

Technical Engineering: Tom Allwood, Neil Muncy

Disc Cutting Engineers: George Graves, Cub Richardson

Soundstage Recording Studio: Jim Frank, Ringo Hrycyna

Cover Design: Virginia Dewart

Photography: Arnold Matthews

Recording Engineer: David Greene

Direct-To-Disc Produer: Jack Richardson

Compact Disc Producer: NEXUS

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