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The Next Drum Boogie Festival – September 17th 2011

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I am planning to present the second Drum Boogie Festival on September 17th (rain date 18th), 2011 in Kingston New York.  NEXUS will be featured along with other world class percussionists and groups.  I will update the event announcement as the information comes in, so check the festival website for up to date news:   Media Contact:… Read more »

NEXUS in Woodstock 2011 with The Canadian Brass

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  NEXUS members have been performing in Woodstock New York for the past 20 years to benefit the original arts group founded in 1903 called the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony.  This annual concert, sponsored by the Woodstock Chimes Fund is called the Woodstock Beat.  Last summer it brought NEXUS, So Percussion and Steve Reich and Musicians to the… Read more »

The Genius of Pat Metheny

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What do Ling Lun, Antonio Stradivari, Robert Moog, Harry Partch and Pat Metheny have in common?  They have all built musical instruments that have had a profound influence on the music which followed. Pat Metheny’s music and his playing style is unique, complex and masterful.  Yet, it is accessible, fun and beautiful.  He has gone… Read more »

Garry’s Bio

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GARRY KVISTAD is the founder and owner of Woodstock Percussion, Inc., makers and distributors of Woodstock Chimes® and the Woodstock Music Collection®, an award-winning line of musical instruments for children. Both are sold worldwide. As a professional musician, Garry has performed and recorded with the ensemble Steve Reich and Musicians since 1979 and won a… Read more »

Hello World!

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Hi, this is Garry and welcome to my blog.  I’d be happy to communicate to you about any of the Nexus activities.  In our workshops I offer a session dedicated to the acoustics of percussion I call Sound Advice.  I am interested in instrument building and tuning.  In fact, you might want to check out… Read more »

Sound Science Workshop

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Sound Science This series of workshops takes a close look at how instrument builders have used science to make musical tools and how performers can use this information to make music. The work of Harry Partch, Francois and Bernard Baschet, Thomas Rossing, and Garry Kvistad will be featured along with intercultural examples such as American… Read more »