Past Presentations at Stanford University

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Here’s a short description of the two presentations I gave at Stanford on February 4 and 5. Garry

Rhythm and Pitch: How Do They Relate?

In this workshop, the relationship of Rhythmic Pulses and Musical Pitches is examined. Using the Natural Harmonic Overtone Series as a guide to relationships between frequencies, participants will learn to play the frequency ratios in slow motion (drum circle style.) Additionally, a custom software program will help to demonstrate the ratios of the harmonics as they are played in real time. Slow speed polyrhythmic pulses are tapped out and then sped up on the computer to reveal their musical interval counterpart.

Steve Reich Rhythmic Tuning

Live performances of several works of American composer Steve Reich will illustrate his unique 20th century compositional techniques for percussion instruments. Some of these techniques were discovered using reel to reel tape machines playing identical materials at slightly different speeds and then adapted to live performances.

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