Russell Hartenberger receives the 2017 Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts!

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EXCITING NEWS! NEXUS founding member Russell Hartenberger has received the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts from the World Cultural Council!! We have always known that Russell is an extraordinary musician, colleague and friend, but these wonderful words express beautifully just HOW extraordinary! “Russell Hartenberger is considered a musical visionary and one of the most prominent figures in percussion history….This recognition is for his lifetime commitment to cultivating and shaping our understanding of music and performance across cultures and genres, respecting the diversity of world traditions, and for his visionary and seminal contributions to percussion and contemporary music.”

Evelyn Glennie says, “…his knowledge, constant curiosity and dedication to all he does and everyone he meets always means that you are a better person for having been in his presence.”

“Hartenberger is a virtuoso soloist whose technical mastery encompasses virtually every percussion instrument imaginable…His name has become synonymous with brilliance in percussion playing, rigorous musical scholarship on percussion and musical minimalism, and the championing of musical stylistic diversity and intercultural exchange through musical performance.”

You can read more about his achievements – and they are many and varied – cited in the World Cultural Council’s announcement, here.

Our heartiest Congratulations to Russell, for this tremendous and well-deserved honour. You ROCK, Russell!



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