NEXUS Youtube video of “masterful performance” viewed 140,000 times

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Music for pieces of woodI thought you would enjoy the article just posted on Thomas Brett’s blog about “a rendition of Steve Reich’s Music For Pieces Of Wood by the esteemed percussion ensemble Nexus.”  The performance he looks at is on Youtube and is provided at the bottom of the article. The post is titled On The Wisdom Of Online Listeners: Thinking Through A Performance Of Steve Reich’s “Music For Pieces Of Wood”, and is at
The Youtube video of this performance has been viewed over 140,000 times, and Brett says, “It’s a masterful performance that is seriously unified, controlled, and ritualistic.” He has a look at the comments made and says, “The comments reflect something of music’s ability to create order, conjure feeling, and embody ideas. Sifting through them, harnessing the collective perception of online listener-viewers, we get a picture of Reich’s music and Nexus’s performance of it as they are responded to by their global audience.” He then gives a selection of the comments – interesting!

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