Malletech unveils new Bob Becker BBSD snare drum stick at PASIC 2012

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Malletech introduced its new PhD (Premium high-Density) line of concert snare drum sticks last week at PASIC 2012 in Austin, TX. The three new models are made from Honduras rosewood, and were designed by Tony Cirone, Michael Burritt and me respectively. The specs for my model, shown in the details below, are: 17 3/16 inches length and .640 inch diameter, with a long taper in the neck. This stick is closely modelled on a design I have used for many years in solo and orchestra performances, originally crafted for me in hardwoods like Purple Heart and Ebony by the great Andrew Feldman. Malletech committed a serious amount of R&D to developing the intricate processes and tooling required to manufacture the new stick line. All pairs will be precisely mated by both weight and pitch, since dense woods like rosewood create a distinctive stick sound and frequency, noticeably projected by these drumsticks.

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kairan he
11 years ago

where can i buy the bbsd?

6 years ago


Extremely beautiful sticks. Wat is the weight in grams ? Thanks !

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