NEXUS in Barrie: “Wildly Exhilarating”

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Yes, I know you can click over to the PDF posted on our site – but sometimes you don’t have time for that “extra click” and I wanted to make sure you saw this wonderful review!   Sandra Ruttan of the Barrie Examiner reviewed the NEXUS performance with the University of Toronto Winds, conducted by Gillian MacKay. Check it out!

“Frenergy” is a combination of “frantic” and “energy” . . . NEXUS commandeered the stage for the second half of the program. The Eternal Dance of Life by Eric Ewazen was written for percussion and winds, specifically with NEXUS in mind. It is inspired by Inuit stone and bone sculptures, particularly the animated sculptures of dancing polar bears. In four movements, it explores the Inuit understanding of a spirit’s journey after death. From the wildly exhilarating bass drum and woodblock rhythms of “Poised Between Heaven and Earth,” to the charming and sweeping melodies with marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, rainstick and cowbells in “The Human Spirit Travels,” from the mysterious reverberations of the gong and glass harmonica in “Entering the Spirits of the Creatures of the Earth” to the adventurously, pounding and percussive finale, “Who Dance the Eternal Dance of Life,” NEXUS brought a powerful presence to the evening. A standing ovation gave the performers their due and brought the evening to an energetic close.”

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