Oodles of Doodles – ca. 1973

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In 1973 NEXUS was involved in a 2-week residency at York University, just outside of Toronto.  Several of us (at least Bob and I) stayed at Robin’s farm house in King City.

One afternoon (or evening?) we had some time to kill and as we sat around Robin’s desk we took turns creating doodles on the back sides of 3X5 cards.  It was actually a lot of fun as we tried to outdo one another with our images.

Recently, while cleaning out my desk I happened upon some of these 37-year-old cards and here are all 29 of them by Bill, Bob and Robin (except for the ones captioned, I don’t remember who did which.)  I hope all the lovers of fine art out there will appreciate the imagination, skill, and yes, hidden genius represented in these images.

 Doodle by Bill



Robin's ?? drawing of Bob Becker























Doodle by Bill





Doodle by Bill











Doodle by Bill















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13 years ago

This is the best blog post ever!

Garry Kvistad
13 years ago

As good as these drawings are, I hope you guys don’t make the life change that George Hamilton Green did, quiting music and becoming cartoonist!

13 years ago

Wonderful. I have no memory of drawing any of these or seeing them before now. Of course mu age. then and now, mat be responsible. Some of them look as if they could have been drawn by John Wyre.

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