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Adams Musical Instruments and Pearl Drums are two of our Sponsors. They help us out in a whole lot of ways and they can help you out too. Did you know that Pearl/Adams will help you financially if you wish to present a NEXUS educational event such as a clinic, workshop, or master-class?

Drop us a line and we will send you a short and simple form that you can complete and fax or email to Pearl/Adams. You have to do this NO LESS than 30 days in advance of the event. Pearl will consider your request, and determine a level of support. They can’t finance the whole thing, but they can put some money towards it. They will notify you of their decision by return fax or email.

Pearl is headquartered in Nashville and Adams in the Netherlands. They include NEXUS in their world-wide advertising, and they also provide support for NEXUS’ wonderful commissioning of new percussion works.
NEXUS works with Pearl in the design of new percussion products, and Pearl and Adams provide the use of their instruments worldwide. They can provide instruments in China, Australia – pretty much in every corner of the globe, and that ensures that every NEXUS performance will be given on quality instruments. Wait until I have a chance to tell you about the NEXUS instruments! But that is for another day.

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