Green’s Gravestone

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For those of you who are fans of George Hamilton Green’s music, here’s a picture of his (and his wife’s) gravestone in the Artist’s Cemetery in Woodstock, New York.

George H. Green's gravestone in Woodstock, NY

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12 years ago

Thanks so much for posting this gravesite picture. Glad to see it is still legible and cared for.

donald sleight
11 years ago

GHG….thats my grandpa….his daughter was Elinor Green….im Elinor’s son Donald….she used to tell me she’d sit on the floor and play with her dolls as he helped lionel hampton to site read….after they moved to Woodstock….said he’d sit in the park and argue politics with the beatniks…….yet never discussed music with them.

donald sleight
11 years ago
Reply to  donald sleight

thanks for the pix

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