Creative Music-Making

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(Four Simple Steps to Cultivating the Inner Musician)
A Workshop Presented by Bill Cahn

EQUIPMENT NEEDED- audio cassette (or DAT, CD, MD) recorder, mic(s), amp, speaker(s), marimba(s), vibraphone, 5 pairs of marimba mallets
What is Creative Music Making?
Creative Music Making is an interactive workshop in which musicians and music teachers of any age, student or professional, performing on any instrument will have the opportunity to deepen musicianship and expand individual expression through the creation of spontaneous, free-form music without the constraints of thinking about technique or watching printed music. All of the music created will be recorded live and then discussed in a non-judgmental group round-table. Bill Cahn, a member of the world-renowned chamber ensemble, Nexus, will guide the participants through the four simple steps of Creative Music Making.

What Are the Four Steps of Creative Music Making?
Step 1) Playing – Participants will create spontaneous, free-form music in small
groups of two to six performers. No previous experience in improvisation of any kind is necessary;
Step 2) Recording – Participants will have their music recorded for listening and
Step 3) Listening – Participants will focus on improving listening skills as a
means of expanding musical vocabulary;
Step 4) Questioning – Participants, in a group round-table format, will
experience the increase in understanding and confidence that results from asking appropriate self-directed questions.

“Creative people know that the quality of their products is entirely dependent on the quality of the questions they ask. Skillful inquiry includes seeking and trying good, and then better questions, as well as ongoing answering. This is the most direct route to understanding.” (Eric Booth, The Everyday Work of Art)
Who Can Participate?
Any musician – professional or not – will find a practical method of cultivatinghis or her musical voice.
For More Information Contact – Bill Cahn
8740 Wesley Rd.
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