NEXUS . . .

    • “members participate as jurors in international percussion competitions and speak or perform at international conferences.”
    • “presents workshops on such diverse topics as Creative Music Making, the Science of Sound, Minimalism, Xylophone History and Performance, Mystery and Magic of Cymbals, North Indian Drumming, West African Music, Orchestra Percussion Overview, Historical Drumming Styles, Historic Music From the Military Era of Fifes and Drums, and the Business of Music.”
    • “has become a resource for all kinds of performing organizations that employ percussion and many which use them as a more general musical resource.”
    • “is the topic for a doctoral dissertation at the University of Hong Kong; and is also the Ensemble in Residence at the University of Toronto.”
    • “members write articles and books that are read by musicians interested not only in percussion but in related subjects such as improvisation, historical traditions, rhythm and metre, acoustics, compositional trends and many other areas of interest.”

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