NEXUS: “seasoned sages of stickwork”

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photo 2 by maria fAnother wonderful review of our Rockport Music Fest concert in Massachusetts – this one from the Boston Musical Intelligencer. Be sure to go read the entire piece by Fred Bouchard. Here are a few excerpts :

“…these four seasoned sages of stickwork were flipping their hickories to Q-tipped heads as they faced each other in aggressive, quasi-military confrontation….We exited the hall stunned, as if witnesses to a pond-full of crazed tree frogs.”“Lord knows, the NEXUS ensemble can masterfully balance the programmatic polarities of stark innovation…and ragtime…with tiki-lounge exotica, duck-call sonatas, free jazz, and improv….”

About Bob Becker: “Lightly clutching small green-headed mallets in a skittering susurrus of 64th notes, with just a bemused smile and half-nod to acknowledge such lickety-split derring-do, he could’ve been Charlie Chaplin with monkey-wrenches. Who needed encores?”

Whew! Is that great or what? Thank you to all who came out to the concert. We loved playing for you!


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