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Roll Magazine which covers art, music, theater, cinema, lifestyles and events throughout New York’s Hudson Valley region, has an article about little ole me in this month’s (December 2010) issue.  What’s cool about the online version are the video tours of my music studio and the Woodstock Chimes showroom of my products (you can also see the printed version online, which is a little different, in a .pdf format too).  The article is well written and pretty accurate, which, as anyone who has been interviewed before knows, is not always the case.  One small correction is that the Blackearth Percussion never collaborated in concert with NEXUS even though we did jam in the spring of 1972 together in John Wyre’s music studio in Toronto as both groups were in their infancy.  NEXUS continued to improvise for the first several years while Blackearth mostly played compositions.  NEXUS has now outlived Blackearth by 33 years and I have been a member of NEXUS longer than I was in Blackearth (more than eight with NEXUS vs. seven with Blackearth).  I don’t know what the lessoned learned here is. 


Happy New Year everyone – I hope you enjoy reading the article. 



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