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Just a quick post to let our Presenters know about marketing materials that are available.

We have flyers that we can send to you for your own overprinting.

We have complete HARDCOPY press and promotional packages that we can snail-mail to you for committee meetings or newspaper and magazine writers.  These come with full reviews, quick reference pages of press quotes and facts, press releases, biographical information, and if you need them we can add technical requirements and lists of current programming offerings.

In our photo library, you will find photos of the NEXUS ensemble. There is a dramatic black and white of just their faces. And for something light, a TIFF of the image we have used on our flyer. The flyer image shows the NEXUS performers, and also features some of their beautiful instruments. I remember that Barrie’s Colours of Music Festival used the image to great effect in their season’s brochure for 2007. These are all hi-res photos and can be downloaded and used for newspaper or magazine coverage, for your program, your event’s website, your brochures, or your own flyers.

And of course, the NEXUS guys are always happy to make themselves available for media interviews. We can also help you with Audio Clips.

We are at your fingertips. Just drop us an email.

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