Various Quotes from the NEXUS appearance at Ojai, California – June 2008

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one of the peak experiences of my musical life…At the sudden ending…ecstatic whoops and cheers forced three curtain calls… It was a performance for the ages.” – Brett Campbell, San Francisco Classical Voice

Ojai felt, for that hour, like holy ground.” – Mark Swed, L. A. Times music critic

“I’m writing this a few hours after one of the best Ojai Festival concerts ever… it got the all-star treatment: Nexus and SoPercussion.” – SoIveHeard website

“It was positively transcendent to hear this work played perfectly … The birds of Ojai and even the wind in the trees seemed to stop to listen to this most unusual and joyous of human expressions.” – Charles Donelan, Santa Barbara Independent

one of the most memorable performances I’ve ever witnessed.” – Tim Mangan, Orange Co. Register Arts

“What a great piece! …Drumming was…the high point of this one festival. Later that day came Tehillim, a towering edifice…” – Alan Rich, L.A.Weekly

“Tehillim lifted the spirits high.” – Mark Swed, L.A. Times music critic

“The evening performance made a happy denouement…and the closing hallelujahs of Reichs soaring, ecstatic, classic Tehillim ended the festival on a high and yes, heavenly note.” – Brett Campbell, San Francisco Classical Voice

“The first half ended with an absolutely brilliant performance of the Varese Ionisation (1929-1931) in which the ensemble Nexus was joined by So Percussion .  .  . This was a great performance, totally convincing…  It was a treat to have the musicians of this skill …” – Sequenza 21 website

with photo: “Members of Nexus, So Percussion and guests take in the roar after their performance of Steve Reichs Drumming on Sunday at the 62nd annual Ojai Music Festival…It could have lasted all day as far as I was concerned ” – USA Today/Orange County Register Arts Blog


Steve Reich on NEXUS: “They’re probably the most acclaimed percussion group on earth.” – Interview by Gabrielle Zuckerman, American Public Media, 2002

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