WORLD DIARY – NEXUS with Tony Levin – Papa Bear Records

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Papa Bear Records

  • 1-5 – Various artists
  • 6 – Espresso & the Bed of Nails (4:45) by: Nexus and Tony Levin
    NEXUS with Tony Levin on Chapman Stick
    Notes: The first sound on the track is T.L.’s Gaggia expresso machine, the last sound is John Wyre’s nail sculpture. This is the short version of the piece, the full being too long for this CD.
  • 7-9 Various artists
  • 10 – Heat (6:30) by: Nexus and Tony Levin
  • 11-12 – Various artists

Some of the other artists appearing on Tony’s Solo CD include: Shankar, Ayub Ogada, Brian Yamakoshi, Jerry Marotta, Bendik, Bill Bruford, Levon Minassian and Manu Katche.


NEXUS segments recorded at Masters Workshop, Toronto.

Recording Engineer: Mark Wright

Assistant Engineer: Ray Dillard

Mixed by: Tom Mark

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