Photos from the University of Arizona – Days of Percussion

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University of Arizona – Days of Percussion – March 27 and 30.

Dr Gary Cook, Host

Nexus concert in Centennial Hall

Well, this was a special trip for us. Lo and behold, Paul Horn, the famous jazz flutist of the “inside” series of recordings and the guy who was responsible for Nexus’ first recording, has moved to Tucson and we had a grand reunion with him and his son Robin. Robin is teaching electronic percussion at the University and is a very fine drummer.

Warm weather and old friends, a nice lunch under an umbrella. (We had many fine meals during our stay and the hotel was very nice.) Arizona weather was a great relief from the cold of the North. It was good to see Gary Cook again. As usual, he has everything under control and worked wonders to get us across country from our usual base.

Some terrific music was performed during the percussion days: AZAPAN, the mass pan orchestra of the Arizona chapter of the PAS, percussion ensembles. Solo performances. All of these filled three days with excitement and energy.

All the Nexus members had workshops. Bob for Xylophone and Tabla, Robin, Fife and Drum, Bill and Garry and Robin Improvisation and Creative Music Making, Bill and Garry business and small percussion. Our concert and audience were terrific.

After our concerts and ‘shops’ were over, Bob, Garry and Robin stayed in Tucson and rehearsed – Hardship Duty. The old axiom, “It’s always better when one – or two- parts are missing”, was proved again to be true. Bill and Russ went home during the three days before Fargo – Moorhead.

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