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RAGTIME CONCERT – Nexus Records 10284

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Featuring Bob Becker, Xylophone Soloist Bob Becker, Bill Cahn, Michael Craden, Robin Engelman, Russell Hartenberger, John Wyre Triplets (2:27) G.H. Green/Becker Cross Corners (3:54) G.H. Green/Becker The Whistler (2:05) G.H. Green/Becker Nola (3:34) F. Arndt/Green & Cahn

THE ALTITUDE OF THE SUN – NEXUS with Paul Horn – Black Sun Records 15002-2

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NEXUS with Paul Horn, flutes and alto sax

This album was recorded in 1975. Through inspired improvisations, NEXUS and Paul Horn created an emotionally potent and stylistically diverse album that colorfully merged strong, earthy rhythms with cultural influences from South America, Africa, India, Tibet and the U.S.A.

* 1-8 – Paul Horn with Egberto Gismonti

Track 9 begins tracks with NEXUS

Out of Print Early NEXUS LP’s & CD’s

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Paul Horn and Nexus (Epic KE33561) 1975 Nexus Ragtime Concert (Umbrella 002) 1976 Music of Nexus (NE 01) 1978 Under the Umbrella (CP 2/11) 1981 Changes (NE 05) 1982 Nexus & Earle Birney, vol. I-III (WRC1-2258, 2259 & 2260) 1982 The Best of Nexus (Nexus Records 10251) 1976-1986 NEXUS Now (Nexus Records 10262) 1989