Photos from the University of Minnesota – Ted Mann Concert Hall

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April 8

University of Minnesota – Ted Mann Concert Hall – Craig Carnahan, producer

Fernando Meza, Percussion Instructor.

On the 6th we flew to Minneapolis and had some down time; opportunities to rest after a very busy couple of days. Some of us checked out the Gerry Museum just down the street. Turned out to be nice walking weather.

The first picture is on stage with Fernando – he’s the second guy from the right with the great smile. The next is Bob meeting Craig Carnahan, the concert producer, and the third is of Nexus with Fernando’s students, a wonderful group of people.

Our rehearsal was a bit problematical acoustically, but when the audience came in and the music started, things were fine. Our longest stint on the road in the last year and some wonderful music was performed.

The tour ended with us heading home on April 9th. A week later we recorded four of Bob’s Ragtime Medley arrangements: Whispering, States, Girlfriends and Bye Bye Medley, Russ Hartenberger’s The Invisible Proverb and Peter Schickele’s Percussion Sonata No. 2 “Woodstock”. The last work was commissioned by The Woodstock Chimes Fund, West Hurley, New York.

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